How to change font size in any browser | Make font smaller and bigger

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Bigger font size provide an easy interface for reading. It helps to understand every word’s meaning. Because sometimes in small font sizes we are not able to read the proper word. Let’s we will learn that how to change font in browsers.

There are some ways to increase the font size in various types of browsers:

Google Chrome Browser :

Step 1: Left click on 3 dots in the top right corner in chrome.


Step 2 : Click on Setting :


St. 3: Scroll Down and go to Appearance section :

St.4 : Click on Font and select the font size :

St. 5: In customize option you can change the font size, type, and style. In the customization various types of font-related options are present. The user can change all option according to the user requirements.

Mozilla Firefox Browser :

Step 1: Step 1: Left click on 3 bars in the top right corner in chrome.

Step 2 : Go to Option :

St. 3: Go to Language and Appearance Section :

St. 4: You can change font size and font type from here.

St. 5: If you want to need more customization in font then click on advanced. You can change style,type and size of font from advanced.

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