How to Show/Hide Folder

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How to show/hide folder in any Operating System. User can show and hide personal folders that contain confidential data. It is very famous among the Operating System user’s. When the Guest User will use our computer then he/she can not see our hidden data.

How to Hide folder :

Step 1: Right click on select folder:

Step 2: Click on Properties:

St. 3: Check mark on hidden and Uncheck Read only.

Step 4: Click Apply and Ok the folder will be hide.

How to Show Hidden Folder :

Step 1: Open My Computer and click Organize :

Step 2: Click on Folder and Search Option :

Step 3: Click on View Option:

Step 4: Click on Show file and Folders:

Step 5: Your folder will be Unhide. If you permanently want to Unhide the folder then go to properties and Uncheck Hidden and Check Read only.

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