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Onpage SEO is the practice of improving the website’s design, code, functionality, and navigation structure to provide users with a user experience that is easy to navigate and flawless. There are many things under onpage optimization, and some of them are very important here:

Keywords :

Keywords are the first thing you should know before you start developing your website such as Paptwa.com. Once you have chosen keywords, you can easily use them on the website as headings and content. Keywords are the most important thing and you have to write the content and make the headings according to your keywords. Keywords are the first thing you can keep from website development and marketing from the very beginning stage.

Content is always the king for every website and you should use the high quality and unique content on your website. The highly engaging your content is the higher chances that your website is visible on the 1st position on the 1st page of Google search results.Make sure you are using high quality and genuine content on your website and include your best keywords wisely within your content to improve the relevance of keywords within the website.

From the perspective of both search engines and users, page titles are very important. A relevant title makes it easy for both search engines and visitors to understand what kind of information the website carries. Always use relevant keywords to create an attractive and attractive website title.

Meta Descriptions are also an important factor, and the text of the description acts as an advertised content in order to enable users to understand what information the website provides. This is the third most important thing Google includes in the snippet while showing SERPs against a search term. Make sure to create an interactive description of using potential keywords and CTA. This will make it easy for your visitors to connect with you to use your services. Either, by using this best practice, we can improve the conversion and CTA.

Meta tags are HTML mark-ups that make it more functional and also improve SEO performance for the websites. Multiple Meta tags are available and some of them are necessary and you can choose from the rest according to your needs.

Some of the popular SEO Meta tags are:

1. Description
2. Keywords
3. Robots
4. Author
5. Viewport
6. Language
7. Site verification.

URLs are your pages ‘ address and always build user-friendly URLs that are convenient for both users and search engines to understand. Google appreciates a well-written URL and gets an extra boost in SERP ratings. In your URL, try using your primary keyword instead of numbers and symbols in the URLs. Also, do not use underscores) (as a separator in URL, instead use Hyphen (–) as a separator in URL.A well-written, neat, and clean URL rank well and more visible in search engines against the search terms in question.

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